⍟ | Hubtrack Soundtrack 001
LANDSHARKS ON THE LOOSE! Take a peek at the Hub's newest playlist, mischievously concocted and mixed by two playful Landsharks and Xyrynah's datapad. Welcome to the Hub, Recruits!

- From : Xyrynah Guerrero

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Lindsey March

Lindsey March I squealed as soon as I saw Dear Theodosia. Amazing playlist overall!

Aurora Mitchell

Aurora Mitchell Well done ♥ ♥ The playlist is amazing

Anna Jackson

Anna Jackson this playlist is amazing i love it

Sébastien Thomas

Sébastien Thomas Oo these songs are all great songs! I wouldn't be bothered hearing these overhead on the speakers one bit.

Kira Osterhart

Kira Osterhart I love this playlist!! Let's playing it LOUD in the corridors!! ♥

Keel Slayback

Keel Slayback This is amazing! I look forward to seeing what other songs wind up on The Hub's soundtrack! They'll keep Keel entertained while she writes up all of those reports...

Valetin Schmidt


Joselynn Everleigh

Joselynn Everleigh Oohh I love this playlist! Well done, Xyrynah! Watch me download this

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