⍟ | Rumor Me This: March 2022
Naturally, the best kind of gossip is the one that occurs in the wild. Listen, dear reader, and observe as we bring to light these secrets in the dark.

- From : Xyrynah Guerrero

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Haru Yang

Haru Yang oooo i love this blog, it's such interesting reading!!

Asher Fogerty

Asher Fogerty AHHHHH WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT MY PLANS? I knew I should have been more quiet... the Fogerty clan shall plan in secret from now on!! But tell me more about this band. I know a very good band already in the HUB (!!) and I think a collaboration would be great,, hehehehe

Atticus Fogerty

Atticus Fogerty Ah, a very interesting article! I'm not quite sure what antics my brother has been up to... but I assure you I play no role in it-

Katsumi Akiyama

Katsumi Akiyama Well…rampant chaos seems to be a running theme on the Hub. That probably won’t change anytime soon, but it’s entertaining to read what comes of it

Apollo Vroengaard

Apollo Vroengaard We'll be using Kira's office next!

Magdalena Moreno

Magdalena Moreno oh my goodness! I'm not even sure how to react to all these rumors - they're so interesting, though. hopefully i never end up here...

Avalie Bradley

Avalie Bradley a kpop group?!? WHERE

Kira Osterhart

Kira Osterhart Ohh, very interesting all those little gossip. And keep your business in you own office Apollo, thanks!

Saoirse Laithewaite

Saoirse Laithewaite Aha…. Good to know all of this. I… yes. Oh my dear.

Irene Adams

Irene Adams this was awesomee! n.n

Joselynn Everleigh

Joselynn Everleigh Loved this! Especially the Krypto one!

Louie Seabrook

Louie Seabrook This was hilarious xD

Marion Bellerose

Marion Bellerose I've already told him a kabillion jillion times, he has NO RIGHT TO GROUND ME!! I'm ungroundable!

Lexie Kenealy

Lexie Kenealy Haha, the Forgety brothers are everywhere xD

Jonah-João Katz

Jonah-João Katz Wow, this, uh... this Krypto guy... seems like he's, um, pretty cool... wonder who he could be...

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