⍟ | Ayesha's Braintwisters 001
Someone has left a note in my office, with a nasty brain twister on it that I can’t seem to figure out! That's where you guys come in. I need you to help me out! Maybe we can find out together who this mysterious person is, who broke into my office.

- From : Ayesha Nightingale

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Adelaide Ainsworth

Adelaide Ainsworth I'm gonna do the wrong answers only Marvel edition cause we all know it was Monopoly. He's broke cause he got no money! He needs to borrow $20.

Lionel Whitlock

Lionel Whitlock He's playing Monopoly. He couldn't pay for rent the hotel was placed on. Unlucky guy being placed to a hotel by the dice hehe~

Maximus Lakes

Maximus Lakes He's playing Monopoly, hence pushing the car, and can't pay the rent needed. Must be Park Lane or Mayfair. Tsk tsk.

Guinevere Stewart

Guinevere Stewart The man must be playing Monopoly, and he must be broke. Therefore he can't pay the owner of the hotel, the rent he is due.

Evangeline Stewart

Evangeline Stewart He is playing monopoly, and can't pay the rent on the hotel he landed on.

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