⍟ | Hubtrack Soundtrack 002
PETS ON THE LOOSE! Take a peek at the Hub's newest playlist, mischievously concocted and mixed by three playful pets, a roomba, a rogue Trainer and Xyrynah's datapad. Don't forget to take classes, Recruits!

- From : Xyrynah Guerrero

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Kira Osterhart

Kira Osterhart Beggin' as the first song!!! I love it

Quinlee Lee

Quinlee Lee Interesting, many new songs, but also old ones! Had only ever heard “ain’t no rest for the wicked’ from Cage the elephant :3

Joselynn Everleigh

Joselynn Everleigh Well done, Xy! I absolutely loved scrolling through this playlist! I will definitely be putting this one on! :D

Gemma McKnightley

Gemma McKnightley Unsurprisingly, I don't know any of his songs, so I run to listen to them to perfect my musical culture!

Áleifr Deserie

Áleifr Deserie These pets are getting out of control… Anywho, love all the song choices, very good taste!

Irene Adams

Irene Adams I LOVE THESE, awesome blog xy!! will be listening to this when i feel super cool u.u

Magdalena Moreno

Magdalena Moreno xyr i love this but also what even hAPPENED at the start >.

Deirdre Laylor

Deirdre Laylor I like these songs, however, I have never listened to BLACKPINK.

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