⍟ | Hubtrack Soundtrack 003
LANDSHARKS ON THE LOOSE! Take a peek at the Hub's newest playlist, mischievously concocted and mixed by two playful Landsharks and Xyrynah's datapad. Survival of the fittest is this week's theme!

- From : Xyrynah Guerrero

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Keel Slayback

Keel Slayback oo imagine a soundtrack that pops on just as the mission comes out with another update! maybe the landshark could drop xyr's "getting ready for a mission" playlist!! that'd be cool...

Saebyuk Moon

Saebyuk Moon Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen being on the playlist is such a power move from the landsharks

Aeron Laithewaite

Aeron Laithewaite I think a Missions Squadron soundtrack would be a big hit... *looks pointedly @ Xyr*

Theorendon Davenport

Theorendon Davenport I think the land sharks are very helpful o.o
\The soundtrack is beautiful!

Beatrice Margot

Beatrice Margot ooh I love it!! <3

Gemma McKnightley

Gemma McKnightley Soudtrack is playing thank you for all this subjections ^^

Vik Noss

Vik Noss This is awesome!

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