⍟ | Ayesha's Braintwisters 002
Someone left a note in my office, with a nasty brain twister on it that I can’t seem to figure out! That's where you guys come in. I need you to help me out! Maybe we can find out together who this mysterious person is, who broke into my office.

- From : Ayesha Nightingale

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Saoirse Laithewaite

Saoirse Laithewaite Freeze all the buttons and hope for the best. Or just break through the door and light the bulbs up using my electrokinesis. :(

Maximus Lakes

Maximus Lakes Press all the buttons and break the rules. Maths is a no.

Antoinette Sheffield

Antoinette Sheffield Turn on switches 1 and 2 and wait a while. Turn off switch 2 and enter the room. Whichever bulb is on is, wired to switch 1, whichever is off and is hot is wired to switch 2, and the third is wired to switch 3.

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